Arduino Basics - Starter Kit w/Arduino Uno
Arduino Uno R3 Starter kit

Arduino Basics - Starter Kit w/Arduino Uno

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  • Includes Arduino Uno R3!
  • No prior electronics knowledge required; you can learn Arduino even without basic electronics knowledge
  • Step-by-step instructions with diagrams; lets you learn about Arduino the easy way

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With this exclusive Arduino Basic Starter Kit, you can build things without breaking a sweat. This kit has over 100 components and offers step-by-step instructions with diagrams to help you get started on building projects like LED game, Volt meter, and more. 

This kit includes: 
UNO R3 PLUS board (1x) 
6'ft USB type A to Mini-B cable (1x) 
Tactile push switches (2x) 
4 position DIP switch (1x) 
1k ohm pot (1x) 
10k ohm pot (1x) 
330 ohm resistors (20x) 
1k ohm resistor (5x) 
10k ohm resistor (5x) 
LEDs - Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue (2x each) 
Two digit 7 segment LED display - Red (2x) 
Buzzer (1x) 
NPN Transistor (2x) 
420 point bread board (1x) 
Jumper wire kit - Red, Black, White, Grey, Blue (10x ea) 
AA batter enclosure with DC power jack and ON/OFF switch (1x) 
Instructions Manual (1x)
Compartmentalized container to hold all your components
Building things from scratch is a piece of cake when you have this exclusive 411 Technology Systems Starter Kit, so purchase it today!

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