Arduino Pairs
Arduino Uno R3

Arduino Pairs

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  • 1x - Arduino Uno R3
  • 1x - HD44780 LCD (you select the LCD to make your pair)
  • 1x - Contrast potentiometer
  • 1x - USB Cable (3', Type A-B)
  • 1x - AC/DC Power supply (9V @ 1A wall wart)

Choose Options

Select an LCD
20x4 Blue HD44780 LCD [+$9.25]
20x4 Red HD44780 LCD [+$12.97]
20x4 Yellow HD44780 LCD [+$9.90]
16x2 Yellow HD44780 Large LCD [+$11.82]
16x2 Yellow HD44780 LCD [+$4.32]
16x2 Blue HD44780 LCD [+$4.12]
16x2 Red HD44780 LCD [+$5.95]
20x2 Blue HD44780 LCD [+$9.25]
24x2 Yellow HD44780 LCD [+$5.98]
Sweet pairing of the Arduino Uno R3 with an HD44780 LCD. This is the perfect combo to display your ideas. This kit includes:

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