We pride ourselves in providing all our customer with the best support possible. Here is a sampling of what our customers have said about our support.

I just received the ribbon cable that I purchased. :)  I will have to settle for a personal note of thanks. 1) If you are not the boss ... Tell him/her I said to give you a raise ( or at least a big fat bonus.) 2) If you are the boss ... Please give yourself the above mentioned compensation. The service that I have receive on all of the transactions I have had with you and 411 Technology Systems, have been stellar. The purchases I have made have been very, very small. Yet I have been treated as if each of these sales has been THE "Sale of the Year". It is very nice to see a company that treats each and every customer as the most important customer in the world. It has been a GREAT pleasure doing business with you, and 411 Technology Systems. Thank you very much.

Thank you,

George B.

I have received your shipment. The items and service are indeed top shelf.

I design interactive museum exhibits and will be using the LCD as a part of an installation. Although I consider myself an artist, I handle all the technical aspects of the exhibits myself. Having said that, the CD will be particularly helpful. One of my biggest frustrations is the difficulty I have finding documentation and technical support. The CD will certainly save me lots of research time, as you've already done it.

Thanks so much!

Tony S.

AMAZING! Thank you SO much, I got EXACTLY what I wanted, AWESOME COMPANY!


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the awesome LCD Screen. Only took about 10 minutes to wire up with the extras you sent. Much easier tapping into a power source with a Molex connector ;) Screen works perfect.

Sorry PayPal payment took so long to go through like that. Again thanks, and I'll probably order a few more pretty soon.

James M.

I received my display a few days ago and just wanted to say thanks.

The display is wired up and mounted in my computer. It works perfectly.

Heres a few pictures of it:

“Links removed for privacy purposes”

I also want to thank you for your companies customer support. I e-mailed the sales department about a display and my e-mail was answered the same day.

If I ever need another lcd display, I'll definitely be ordering from you again.



Hi again!

Thanks for the answer! I keep getting amazed by your great support! If only people were half as helpful as you are, the world would be a better place!

I tried attaching the pot as described and it works like a charm! (I ordered the kit so I'm not in need of a pot, but thanks anyway. Also thanks for letting me know about the shipping).

Now the only thing missing is to install the whole wonder somewhere in the drive bay or dremling a whole on top of the case, I haven't decided yet. It doesn't fit a single bay unfortunately. By the way, do you know if it is possible to let the USB ports 5V power the LCD instead of the molex connection? Making it an entire extern device?

Will the mW from the LCD damage the usb port (which takes max. 500 mW)?

Thanks again,